My purpose is to help people accept their
innermost selves 

and work through lifes barriers with confidence.


This is me

I am the founder of ABC Life Support CIC, a First Aid training organisation, an associate instructor for MHFA England as well as the Co-chair of Cambridge Mental Health Network.

As well as being busy in my professional life, I am the mother of two wonderful children, wife to my husband and friend to many. It is by using my experience from all the aspects of my life that I get to share some insight into navigating these waters with confidence and understanding.  

Talk Topics: 
Rise from adversity; My Life Story 
 Mental Health; a woman's perspective  First Aid – A whole person approach  Mental Health and workplace culture  


It is my vision to create a platform and safe space that gives confidence to disempowered people across the world

‘We live in a very competitive, comparative society and as such people are struggling with finding themselves among all of the advice, influence and instruction on how to be your ‘best self’. People, this is not helpful.  


Using my skills in Mental Health Training, I can help you to understand that you are ok just being you. You are enough, you are awesome, and you do not have to be anything other than your unique self.

Whilst the world catches up, I am here to let you know that the you can take control of your own journey by becoming empowered enough to listen to your own instinct and to stay in your own lane. You have got this.

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I have had the pleasure of having impactful conversations about Mental Health with people from these amazing organisations.